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You cannot continue until you have selected the following items:
  • A Location.
  • A Test Center.
  • An Available Date. If no dates are available, you will need to select another test center or location.

To see if an open seat is available for a test, follow these two steps.

1. Select a Test Center

Choose a Location, then a Test Center. When you have selected a test center, the page will refresh showing the dates, if any, offered by that Test Center. Some Test Centers may not offer tests for all possible dates. You should review the Registration Deadline and Score Reporting Dates before making a decision.

Test Center(s):

2. Check for Seat Availability

The following Dates are offered for your selected Test Center.

Available Date:

Date(s) Available: Status

Note: The seat you request will not be reserved until after you have made your payment.


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